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Daleville, AL


When I was young I was never interested in photography, in fact I hated it. But as I grew older and got more into the arts I began establishing that 'photographer's eye' and grew to love photography. Photography is now my dream and deep passion, particularly landscape photography. Ever since I could remember, literally, I always loved our natural world; the moutains, the seas, the deserts ect...

I became interested in photography when I was 17. It all started when I went to visit my brother in Guam for my Spring Break back in April 2006. As I toured around the tiny island I became inspired to photograph the landscape. I bought my first camera in October, 2006 and entered my first art competition in December, 2006 where I won Honorable Mention for my photo 'Heaven's Gate'. Never in my life had I felt so confident that I finally found a hidden talent. After recieving that award I knew from then I was destined to become a photographer, I knew God always had a plan for me but never thought it would be photography. Over the next three and a half years I worked to increase my skills and knowledge of photography. I am primarily self-taught, but I have taken photo classes in high school and at a local university.

I am a landscape/nature photographer, but I do other styles like archetectur, abstract, pretty much anything but portraits, but my passion lies with landscape. I have always been fascinated with our worlds landscapes and what it holds. Ever since I was a young child I'd love to venture out into the woods in my backyard and explore. I would watch Discovery channel or National Geographic just to see what the world looked like and to learn about it. I would alsway, even to this day, look at the photos of the landscape in a book and pretend I was there. Fortunately that love and fascination has followed me into adulthood. Instead of venturing out into my backyard I now venture into the wild landscape across our nation and our world. I wish I could explain to you how much I love our landscapes and the nature that resides in our world, but I can't find words to explain it. All I can say is that you have to experience what I experience when alone in the wild, miles away from civilization. My mission as a photographer is to show you what see and how beautiful and fragile our natural world is.



Pyramid Tower by Christopher Lugenbeal


Pine Needles by Christopher Lugenbeal


Concrete Window by Christopher Lugenbeal


Last Chance by Christopher Lugenbeal


Blue Herring by Christopher Lugenbeal


Pup by Christopher Lugenbeal



Life by Christopher Lugenbeal


Prickly Flower by Christopher Lugenbeal


Serenity by Christopher Lugenbeal


Time by Christopher Lugenbeal


News Stands by Christopher Lugenbeal


Fountain of Youth by Christopher Lugenbeal


Deception by Christopher Lugenbeal


Loggers Lake by Christopher Lugenbeal


Logans Pass by Christopher Lugenbeal


Bitter-Sweet by Christopher Lugenbeal


Ghostly Castle by Christopher Lugenbeal


Permission to Enter by Christopher Lugenbeal


Crossing Over by Christopher Lugenbeal


Oak Stream by Christopher Lugenbeal